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Health, Motivation and Productivity Through Laughter


With motivation comes energy and focus to get things done.
Result: Productivity, Effectiveness, Efficiency.
Plus, having a good time. 
Here’s how it works:
Extended periods of laughter can generate dopamine in the body.
Dopamine equals motivation, according to science.

Science Daily says this:

“Researchers have shown that it (dopamine) regulates motivation.”


Laughing at jokes doesn’t cut it. Tell yourself a joke right now.
How long did you laugh?
A few seconds perhaps?
(If you laughed for ten minutes, send us the joke, we want to hear this one!)


We need 10-15 minutes of extended laughter to generate what we call the:
“feel good” hormones.
That includes endorphins…and dopamine, the motivation hormone.


We use Laughter Yoga generate dopamine in your group.
Result: Energy and focus. More productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.
(And more fun)
We do corporations, governments, charity groups.
(Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Divorce Parties…whatever)
Anyone who wants to relive stress…oops…relieve stress.
Anyone who wants to find joy in their work.
Anyone who wants to create a productive work space.
Anyone who wants more joy and happiness out of life.
Contact us now for details about how much we ding you for this…er…
what your investment will be.
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joy and productivity in your life:
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