“Soren succeeds in communicating his passion. From the first day we met, he has shown this ability to use all his skills to connect with people. With Soren, you always have access to various tools to improve your health. He always brings something more to his sessions; charismatic with his big smile and contagious laughter.”

-Eric Bourgault- Digital Detox Consultant Victoria, BC


Laughter Dudes Feedback: 

I had no idea what to expect going into my first Laughter Yoga Session, but it absolutely exceeded my expectations! We had so much fun and had SO many laughs! I felt so uninhibited and comfortable during the session. The instructors really make you feel at home. I felt like I could be silly and truly embrace my inner six-year-old! After the session, I noticed how much more relaxed I felt and my stress levels had dropped dramatically. I can’t wait for the next session!

– Marlie Philp, Director of Recreation, Parkwood Place, Victoria, BC, Canada


What participants said at the Hearts and Hands Conference


(2017 Vancouver Celebrate & Educate Hearts & Hands for BC’s Health Care Assistants
October, 2017)

Felt lighter and happier

Loved to laugh and felt great when session was over. Felt lighter and happier. –Pat Cruickshank, Victoria, BC, Canada

Was wonderful. – Janet Campbell, Victoria, BC, Canada

Uplifting Experience

It was an uplifting experience. Lots of spiritual and emotional healing. – Sanna Stephenson, Victoria, BC, Canada

Really enjoyed this lovely expression of laughter & joy.  – Lydia Agar Victoria, BC, Canada

Was a good one. Thank you for all what you have done. – Jean Tom, Victoria, BC, Canada


Awesome Stress Relief

Awesome stress relief. Loved it. It makes you feel lighter. ♥  – Karen LaPlante, Lantzville, BC, Canada

Gratitude to the Dudes who brought an infusion of positive life force and vitality into our day. Movement of breath, voice, movement and emotion ➔ equals life itself!!     – Alica Kage, Saanichton, BC, Canada

Amazing!!! -Marie May, Denmand Island, BC, Canada


Will Never Forget

Wow. Thank you. I needed that more than I knew. ♥ I will never forget!         – Jennifer Bice, Victoria, BC, Canada

Enjoyable, Refreshing – Some great tips. Thanks. -Ricia, Denman Island, BC, Canada

You guys are amazing. Love this laughter yoga. Thanks so much. I so needed this today. I will look online for more awesome exercises in Hangouts Google.                                                                                                                           -Aggie Jimmy, Duncan, BC, Canada

I think it would be helpful for us. Thank you!       – Marites Meriano, Victoria, BC, Canada


Fantastic Exercise

Fantastic exercise! Should be routine in all work places.         – Lucia White, Sidney, BC, Canada

Thank you – Fab. Really enjoyed it. -Natalie Ryan, Victoria, BC, Canada

I love laughter as part of this conference! Looking forward to joining the laughter yoga!                – Helda Amino, Victoria, BC, Canada


Positive Approach to Self Care

Absolutely a positive approach to self care, self esteem building, and creative communication…a smile.    – Dianne Brummer, Penticton, BC, Canada

Really enjoyed the session. It was a good physically and mentally exercise. Feeling very stress free. Thanks.       – Arvinder Tarhas, Victoria, BC, Canada


Takes Away Pain and Stress

This is very relaxing and enjoyable and takes away pain and stress. Just what one needs everyday of the week. Laughter is so important. The Best Medicine.        – Norma G. Victoria, BC, Canada

I enjoy very much this session as it makes me feel relax.     – Suryani Sudiartha, Victoria, BC, Canada

Thank you for the laughter! And the reminder that laughter is a language.         – Joanne Graham, Denman Island, BC, Canada


Very powerful, freeing experience

Very powerful, freeing experience. I loved the eye contact on top of all the laughter – or throughout. I want my whole family to do this!    -Stephanie Wells, Hornby Island,  BC, Canada

I do yoga asanas and I appreciate this version to add to my awareness and practice. This is also something we can (easily) practically incorporate into just being with other (non-yogis!) – children, clients, of course without defining the exercise. Love it, thanks.     – Carol Jones, Hornby Island, BC, Canada


Feeling Refreshed, Relaxed

That’s very awesome. Feeling refreshed, relaxed. Learn about new things everyday. Great Medicine. Thank you.       – Verna Ellsworth, Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada

I came feeling under the weather. Clouded head and leaving feeling lighter. Weight lifted. Thank you. It feels good to laugh.   – Charlet debruin Thatcher, Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada

Really enjoyed the freedom of movement. No judgement. Fun.     – Cindy Fox, Campbell River, BC, Canada

I enjoyed the interactive session. Much needed after lunch. -Hilary Brown, Victoria, BC, Canada

☺ It’s good to laugh, even when you snort. – Crystal Albert, Port Alberni, BC, Canada


Feel Much Calmer and Happier

This was a great session, I really & truly needed this laughter. Haven’t laughed a lot lately. I feel much calmer and happier. Thank you guys so much. I wish we had this in Port Alberni. It could help so many people, especially our seniors.         – Lisa Hoskin, Port Albeni, BC, Canada

Great….thank you guys. ☺   – Liyi Ramos, Victoria, BC, Canada

I loved it, thank you. ☺            – Kerri Lowery, Victoria, BC, Canada

Very relaxing.      – Salve Casipe, Sidney, BC, Canada

This was so much fun! I would love to see this workshop at one of our HEU events.         – Candace Charalambidis, Victoria, BC, Canada


Makes Life Easier

Thank you for the good laugh. It makes life easier.          – Marina, Victoria, BC, Canada

Agree totally! I laugh in the face of adversity. Especially when there is nothing else you can do. – Candee B. Saanichton, BC, Canada

I love all of the exercises. You both are great.       -Annelie Wylestra, Victoria, BC, Canada

Wonderful to be 6 and genuinely laugh!           – Christine Pearson, Port Alberni, BC, Canada

Good one! Love it!        – Annecito Caspe, Victoria, BC, Canada


Started New Ways of Thinking

New concepts to me. Strange doing it this public. Started new ways of thinking.                                                                                                                                             – Bill, Victoria, BC, Canada

I have never heard of this. But that was amazing.   – Bev Johnson, Williams Lake, BC, Canada


Felt Totally Relaxed and Content

After Laughter Dudes class I felt totally relaxed and content. Thank you! – Lorna Crooks, Williams Lake, BC, Canada

I enjoyed it very much.              – Emily Nasol, Victoria, BC, Canada

Great job! Loved the 4 elements of Joy & that the exercises were tied to them, Personal stories great. Meditation at the end was lovely.         – Anneke, Victoria, BC, Canada

Wonderful!         – Sue Kristiansen, Victoria, BC, Canada


Very Engaging Instructors

Fun, interactive session. Very engaging instructors. Thank you.                                                                                                                                              – Tara Black, Victoria, BC, Canada

Healing laughter.   – Maria Isabel Cureg, Victoria, BC, Canada

Love laughing, found this helpful and happy. Cheers.    – Carol Mintz, Comox, BC, Canada

Left all my worries at the door.     – Shauna, Saanichton, BC, Canada

Health by fun…awesome. – Melanie McCaffery, Victoria, BC, Canada

At first, I thought I would remain seated. Like this is silly. But then, as soon as we were all invited to stand & join in I really wanted to. So much fun & feels great. Thank you.                                                                                       – Esme Clarke, Sooke, BC, Canada


Good Ideas 

I thought at first this was very hokey but ended up very much enjoying the session and taking good ideas away with me.            – Christine Dion, Sidney, BC, Canada

It will be a useful tool for when feeling stressed. I need to try and implement this with a few of my clients.           – Amy Morneau, Duncan, BC, Canada

It was fun!   – Lisa MacKenzie, Saanichton, BC, Canada

Very good! I had a lot of fun.             – Gina Duncan, Victoria, BC, Canada

I came in feeling silly but loved getting in tune with the child in me. So fun!                                                                                                                    – Sue Bell, Victoria, BC, Canada


Pain Free When over

Was sore back but was pain free when over.                                                                                                                                         – Sam Sabrina Black, Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada

Great yoga! Loved it!                   – Joscelyn Maneja, Victoria, BC, Canada

It was very good.         – Stacey Martine, Victoria, BC, Canada

Very good enjoyed it. Thought in the beginning of the session what nonsense, how wrong I was! -Margaret Marshall-Fox Burnaby, BC, Canada


You guys are the best

You guys are the best. ☺☆   -Sandeep Purewal, Surrey, BC, Canada


Thank you! I really enjoyed this exercise. I will take the information I learned and apply I to my daily life, and with co workers. I will laugh my way home in the 1 hour rush hour traffic and I know I’ll be happier more energized person upon arrival. – Tammy Shephard, Walnut Grove, BC, Canada


Feel 20 Years Younger

I feel 20 years younger today.        -Jasmin Amador, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Amazingly awesome! I am going to sign up with my kids & maybe a few grumpy friends. – Jenny Garanito, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Definitely skeptical when hearing “Laughter Dudes”…but after a few minutes it was easy to let go, feel silly and free. To release stress and invite positive energy in felt amazing. That you for a great session.         – Terry Bechler, North Vancouver, BC, Canada


Laughter Dudes are amazing they really know how to get you laughing.                                                                                                                          -Nicole Sumra, Vancouver, BC, Canada


It was an amazing experience, help to renew the hidden energy on the body by doing laugh and more laughter.                                                     – Chris Thompson, Surrey, BC, Canada


My mind totally shifted when Matti said open your mind and ears to the sounds in the room. I was feeling a little annoyed at the constant laughing during the last part of the meditation, then my mind changed once I opened my mind.                                                                                                                                                                 -Marilyn Turnbull, Vancouver, BC, Canada


What a great way not to take life so seriously. Thank you for letting us be kids again.                                                                                                                  – Karen Mann, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Thank you for this event “Laughter Yoga.” It helps to lighten up heavy heads, relieves pain and body sure. I loved it. Thank you.                               -Justina Ragutero, Surrey, BC, Canada


I loved this. I will be sharing this with my co-workers.    – Alice Shantz, Abbotsford, BC, Canada


Interesting, will likely look up more on the subject. Sure know some would benefit. I agree we have become disconnected from so many things in life, this is surely one of those lost components…                                                                        – May-Liz Vahi, Richmond, BC, Canada


Really enjoyed this session. Will try these techniques to try with my kids and the people we care for. Needed to laugh and feel silly!        – Elle Sadi, Surrey, BC, Canada



I feel both enlivened, and a longing to be more alive. I am remembering—in my body, times in the past when I have felt this aliveness. There have been some synchronistic connections — a sign on a bulletin board in Squamish advertising laughing yoga and wanting to join.           – Kim Seary, Vancouver, BC, Canada



Invigorating, enlightening would like to have it shared with others.        – Christine Silvester, Delta, BC, Canada


Thank you for making me laugh. I needed to laugh today. ♡


I feel lighter after laughing so hard. ☺    -Jul Parojinog, Surrey, BC, Canada



Liberating. Fun. Stress releasing. Releases inhibitions.                                                                                                                                      -Susan Shulda, West Vancouver, BC, Canada


Fun and Educational

It was fun and educational. Thank you for teaching Laughter Yoga. Very good self care with laughter.              – Jey Reyes, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Thank you very much. I learn so much, you are doing a great job. Laughter is great!!!              – Maria Molina, Surrey, BC, Canada


This session make me feel free. Not self conscious. Thank you so much. ☺ – Olga Zavaleta, Surrey, BC, Canada


Amazing Experience

Laughter is contagious, was a fabulous eye opener to the testament, we don’t laugh enough. We all need to find, create and engage in new ways to laugh in our daily lives. Thank you for the amazing experience. ☺          -Connie Tull, North Delta, BC, Canada


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine it feels relieved when you laugh. Thanks for giving us time to share your knowledge about laughing.               -Aurora Tongo, Surrey, BC, Canada


Great to release stress. Helps you to think positive! -Mark Navarow, Surrey, BC, Canada


“Laughter is the best medicine,” no matter how hard & difficulty a situation may be, it’s very true that we do forget to laugh as we grow older. Having a laughter session was awesome & great!


Well needed. Thank you. ☺ – Irene Reddy, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Made me Happy

Thank you very much for the laugh, it really made me happy. Thanks for sharing, the happiness and make us feel good. -Nora Randle, Nanaimo, BC, Canada


I feel absolutely fabulous, love it and will be finding a laughter yoga class. Thank you so much for sharing. -Rita Rossa, New Westminster, BC, Canada



Laughing made my headache go away

I feel this session very successful. Laughing made my headache go away. I will try to do at home and with my kids and my workplace too.     -Pawandeep Kaur Rattan, New Westminster, BC, Canada

Feels a bit silly, but had fun and laughed so much that I’m feeling a bit happier.       – Gisela, Abbotsford, BC, Canada


I enjoyed the experience of laughter yoga. I will surely use it especially when I feel stressed out. Thank you. – May Ann Welbers, New Westminster, BC, Canada


It’s a jaw hurting session but awesome laughter all the way.  – Anita Payumi, Surrey, BC, Canada



Although it was a bit uncomfortable at first, it became easier especially listening to others who were really getting into laughing — it’s contagious.        – Marina Taylor, West Vancouver, BC, Canada


I will share some of these techniques with my grandchildren.                                                                                            – Charlene Thompson, Port Moody, BC, Canada


Good! ☺ You make my day.    -Anna Moran, Surrey, BC, Canada


I think is a good idea to help people stop taking themselves and life too seriously. This class helps. ☺           -Colleen Marsh, Langley, BC, Canada


Feel Lighter, Happier, More Free 

Feel lighter, happier, more free. Ready to battle traffic on the way home with more laughter. ☺ -Kim Fitton, Richmond, BC, Canada


Feel hot — abs sore— thought I’d missed my gym workout NOT! Belly laugh. Met some kind eyes. Laughter is contagious. Dry mouth. Look forward to the red lights driving home. Thank you  Sincerely, Cindy ☺



Will Laugh More From Now On

Really had a good time in this session. Been a long time since I had a good laugh. For sure I will laugh more from now on.           – Madhu Narayan, Surrey, BC, Canada


Yes, laughter is the best medicine….       – Bernadette Saville, Surrey, BC, Canada


FUNTASTIC        – Janette, North Vancouver, BC, Canada


Great session, neat idea…            -Iris Tabor, White Rock, BC, Canada

It was a great class that I took! And I really laugh with everybody. Thank you so much. ☺ – Hiromi Nakano, Delta, BC, Canada


Laughter  Is Good For The Soul

Laughter is food for soul! Good job Dudes! ☺- Mayden Gomez, New Westminster, BC, Canada


Good and helpful information. ☺My boss will be calling you when I do the “Mistake Yoga” in front of her.    – Devika Lal, Burnaby, BC, Canada


-Therapeutic -Revitalizing

-Therapeutic -Revitalizing  – Saiza Ali, Surrey, BC, Canada


A bit uncomfortable at first but felt more comfortable later. I enjoyed it.                 – Rachel Brouner, Surrey, BC, Canada



It was fun and I enjoyed it a lot.           – Jaswinder Ghuman, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Love it.        – Paz Mazaredi, New Westminster, BC, Canada


I laugh a lot! Thanks.      – Camila Brasil Moreira, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Fun and very interesting.        – Suzanne Ubaldo, Langley, BC, Canada


-Red light laugh make me happy -yes         -Sarah Lee, Surrey, BC, Canada


It was fun, interesting…can see the benefits.         – Maureen McCall, Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada


Feel Very Relaxed, Happy & Connected

I feel very relaxed, happy & connected…   – Keanna McCollough, New Westminster, BC, Canada


Great! It helps. Thank you more power to your team.    -Marcily Osadchuk, Burnaby, BC, Canada


Feeling good. Make me happy.           – Kara Zheng, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Fantastic            – Joy, Vancouver, BC, Canada




AWESOME-Josephine Ramel-Marquez, Surrey, BC, Canada



Laughter is such medicine…                 – Robert Madden, Surrey, BC, Canada


Very good. Interesting. Healing.       – Sandra Regalado, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada


Thank you. It is relaxing.          -Me-Ann Mosqueda, Chilliwack, BC, Canada



Feels So Good

Feels so good… – Marilyn Mahilum, Vancouver, BC, Canada


It’s a nice way of releasing stress… – Harmeet Muker Delta, BC, Canada


I had fun and enjoyed the session.          – Agness Gamayo, Surrey, BC, Canada

I really enjoy your class. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! ☺             – Ana Maria Afable, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Feeling relaxed and energized. ☺           – Navreet, Surrey, BC, Canada


Never heard of the Laughter Dudes. It was awesome!       – Maria, Abbotsford, BC, Canada


It removes pains we had in our bodies & it helps release anger.

Laughter Yoga is good for our heart soul and mind. It removes pains we had in our bodies & it helps release anger.        -Nely Amokos, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Came in with a headache and now it’s gone

Enjoy this workshop very much. Came in with a headache and now it’s gone. Thanks for your laughter. I will be using this for my work, and personal life. “AWESOME.” God bless both of you. God bless your soul to make humans feel so great!!! – Anar Yora, Coquitlam, BC, Canada


I will agree that laughter can release a lot of emotions. I can participate for the most part but I do have a sadness within me. If I am true to myself I hold or hide my deep emotions/sadness. I am afraid to let go.         – Rita Kouwen, New Westminster, BC, Canada


I realized how reluctant I was to laugh. But at the end of the session I found it was a little more effortless. I will practice that I learned here to make laughter more spontaneous.             – Jane Hong, Vancouver, BC, Canada


It is so energetic and stress free.   – Amreete Gill, Surrey, BC, Canada



Laughter is really a necessary for our stressful life. I am grateful to be in such a class.        – Andre Hall, Surrey, BC, Canada


Very stressed coming into class and came out laughing

Very good instructors. Kept class going. Excellent class. Thnx. Very stressed coming into class and came out laughing. ☺    – Jessie Dhillon, Delta, BC, Canada



Made me feel good by using laughter. Didn’t know how laughter can release you from daily stress. Very powerful.    – Safina Lotun, Surrey, BC, Canada


I had great fun in the Laughter Yoga session. I feel great and relief.      – Cynthia Coscourela, Surrey, BC, Canada


Very well set up and great instructors! Thank you.      – Marlon Capulong, Langley, BC, Canada


I feel better laughing for so long.     – Melody, Vancouver, BC, Canada


It was a very enlightenment class that I’d learned to de-stress myself.   – Maribel Roberts, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Fun Fun Fun

Fun Fun Fun. Have not laughed like this for a very long time. I would recommend to everyone to try.     – Carolyn Hebert, Coquitlam, BC, Canada


…enjoyed the concept & would like to explore it more on a developmental level.  – Anju Bunwait, Surrey, BC, Canada


It was fun to laugh and definitely there was a lot of time to release any pent up energy and loosen up a bit. – Lida deHaas, Langley, BC, Canada


This seminar is really good. I enjoyed and had fun.         – Norma Carrasco, Surrey, BC, Canada


Keep up the good work!        – Corazon Magarzo, Surrey, BC, Canada


I feel great after the laughter session.    – Maria Enriquez, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Was skeptical, but ended up Loving it!!          – Shannon Lins, Rosedale, BC, Canada


Learned a Lot

Excellent, I learned a lot.   – Myrna Baesa, Surrey, BC, Canada


I’m so glad I came here today and be a part of this wonderful session.       – Gemma Bessner, West Vancouver, BC, Canada


Very fun and relaxing at the same time.☺      – Katazyna Grudzien, Surrey, BC, Canada


I am so glad this type of therapy is going mainstream!! I have believed in laughter as medicine for years. Also relieves from being startled of a perceived fear. Laughter also helps grow sensors in brain to accept good hormones. If done regularly, can actually reduce sensors for bad hormones.

People would criticize me for gravitating to humorous movies. What they did not know if that I can get drama anywhere but it is harder (in some workplaces especially) to get laughter and lightness. I also surround myself with “happy” things, i.e. flowers, favourite ornaments that make me smile which makes it easier to find laughter.             -Carolynn Brown, Hope, BC, Canada



Continue the good work and pls keep laughing. I will pass on that I’ve learned. Very educational.        – Adelfa Anour, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Even though I had to sit through most of it I found that laughter, like a yawn, is contagious. Wish more people were able to take part in this exercise of well-being! ♡        – Irene lowdell, Abbotsford, BC, Canada


Feel Happy

I have learnt to love myself and be happy in my life. Recently I have been going through so much with my family and was emotional all the time. Now I feel happy. I will always be happy. Thank you very much.     – Rozina Ali, Surrey, BC, Canada


Thumbs Up!

I think Laughter Yoga really helps especially when you are under stress with work or at home or at anywhere and any situation you are in. Thumbs up!       – Joy Dugay, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Speakers are EXCELLENT!

This Laughter Yoga is very useful, excellent in our workplace and also I can apply to my family and friends. The speakers are EXCELLENT! Great job!     – Jocelyn Dela Torre, Langley, BC, Canada


Hard to focus on breathing for me. Kinda like when I do Ti-Chi. You guys ROCK!! ☺       – Joshua Hanssens, Langley, BC, Canada


– Felt relieved, happy and comfortable- Felt relaxed after the session with workshop – Sherilyn Bumagat, Richmond, BC, Canada


Sense of Safetyness to Have Fun

This was hard at time as I felt like hiding my fear of being happy and tried to suppress my tears, but as there was laughter of all kind there was a sense of safetyness to have fun.     – Leona Kellym Hope, BC, Canada


10+++ – Daisy Guevara, Surrey, BC, Canada


So nice to experience laughter.            – Emelyn Fernandez, Vancouver, BC, Canada


More Energized

Pretty interesting duo. Thanks! I felt more energized after all that oxygen I took in (breathing, jumping, laughing [sc….ing??) Now I wanna sleep…        – Blakpearl Crisistomo, North Vancouver, BC, Canada


Session was full of laughter, Really enjoyed.       – Daljit Gill, Surrey, BC, Canada


Session is very good. – Manjit (Mandy) Kaler, Surrey, BC, Canada



Good Motivator!

Good motivator! Fun.         – Suzanne Jean, North Vancouver, BC, Canada


Very good and helpful. – Susan Liu, Vancouver, BC, Canada


*Excellent and very encouraging for our clients & ourselves. ☺ Very much appreciated. Sincerely, (signed)        – Stella Van Rensburg, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Wonderful Tool for De-Stressing

Was this fun? YES!! The laughter made me feel so free! I forgot how easily I can laugh. Thank you so much for helping me to remember. This is a wonderful tool for de-stressing in such a distressful existence.         – Louisa Hembrough, White Rock, BC, Canada


Laughter Yoga made me miss the inner six-year old in me. ☺  – Regine Demagajis, Richmond, BC, Canada


Very interesting for lifestyle. Refreshing body mind & soul. It is good for daily exercise & for work as well. It is good for releasing Stress. – Vivien Tonato, Surrey, BC, Canada



Great  Workshop

Awesome!! ☺ I will do it again. Thank you so much. I am happy to join your yoga class ☺ anytime. Good job. Great workshop. ☺♡ – Patricia Cotten, Vancouver, BC, Canada


I really enjoyed this session and I want to attend this session again. Good job. Thank you to both.       – Saradheep Deogan, Delta, BC, Canada


Thank you, can I have your full names & addresses so I can direct the officer that gives me a ticket after I finish laughing in his/her face. (6 year olds don’t drive well) ☺ Totally will be “6″ more often. P.S. Thanks for validating laughing @ people who have road rage  ♥ I start my day laughing now. I will laugh all day! – Niki Alfonzo, Delta, BC, Canada

This is my first time experiencing Laughter Yoga. It’ definitely very neat how you use laughter to change a negative emotion to positive.    – Ashley Aijla, Surrey, BC, Canada



Feedback from doctors at The Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC: (and others)

Hi Matti,
Just a wee note to thank you again for a fantastic introduction to Laughter Yoga. I’m sure it showed in the feed-back forms but the group was very enthused about the experience. I appreciate your experienced hand in providing a variety of techniques and personal accounts, and allowing time for feedback and sharing in the group. You are a very skilled facilitator. It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you all the best, love and laughter, in the year ahead…Fun and energizing & I can see how it could be very therapeutic for many people.
-Dr. Janet Ray. Victoria BC, Canada. President of The Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC. Organized the retreat for members.


“Soren brings a childlike sense of joy and delight to his laughter Yoga sessions. His enthusiasm and playfulness are contagious, as are his bubbly laughter and bright eyes. You won’t want to miss a session with Soren.”

-Elizabeth Bergen- Tobacco Enforcement Officer Island Health, Victoria, BC


I am sure there would be a positive energy shift throughout my world, community, practice and family – an increase in health, wellness and joy -if we could incorporate this practice into our daily lives & routines. I highly recommend Laughter Yoga!

-Barbara Dyble, M.D. Victoria, BC, Canada


“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did. Everyone enjoyed the Laughter Yoga you led today, and all were SO impressed not only by the intimate laughter that we had together, but also by the type of person you are and how personable, charming, bright, and likeable you are. One of our colleagues made this comment that: ‘He is the right ambassador for Laughter Yoga!’ I hope this session works as an introduction of Laughter Yoga, and more people get to know you and the Laughter Yoga and the benefits of it. Thank you my friend, you are a true leader!” -Naji Khodashenas- Operations Assistant School of Arts & Science, Camosun College, Victoria, BC


Wonderful introduction to expression through laughter & movement. Enlivening & enlightening. Thank you.                              -Dr. Krista Stogryn. Victoria, BC, Canada


“Soren (our [Pedicab] driver) was an incredible mix of teacher and entertainer and had such a happy spirit. It was a perfect way to spend a couple of hours and get a quick snapshot of Victoria and its’ rich and interesting history…” -Mindy L, Denver, Colorado


It creates a sense of group cohesion and bonding. Afterwards I felt very much relaxed, yet energized.                                                                        -Dr. Hana Masata. Victoria, BC, Canada


Soren, truly, the happiest guide in the world, took very good care of us, tucking us in 2 layers of blankets, one which was waterproof in case the weather took a turn. It was a very entertaining, humorous, and personalized tour! Two thumbs up!

-Judy L, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Fun, relaxing, therapeutic for all you jaded adults out there.

-Dr. Claire Astley. Victoria, BC, Canada



Self awareness about my inner state of happiness/unhappiness. All very good stuff. Well thought out and presented.                                   -Dr. Stephen Faulkner. Duncan BC Canada


I experienced it as a very effective energetic cleanse leaving me in a relaxed state of increased awareness and happiness.

-Roland Guenther, MD (Germany) Homeopath. Royston BC Canada


I thoroughly enjoyed Matti’s laughter yoga workshop. It was a full-body, full-spirit experience that was relaxing and inspiring…Fun! Enjoyed the physicality, being reminded about the happiness set point.

-Dr. Caren Zilber-Shlensky. Victoria, BC, Canada


I had heard of Laughter Yoga so was delighted to attend this workshop. I feel so light, so peaceful and have connected with my deep joy. What a wonderful healing we could all have if we re-learned how to laugh, dance and feel joy…Reconnects us with our deep joy that is often buried beneath all the stresses we all struggle with.

-Dr. Barb Fehlau. Royston, BC, Canada



“Just tried Laughing Yoga for the 1st time. OMG I feel so much better than I did prior to doing this.

I was stressed this morning trying to do something I had to do, but did not want to do it. But now, I’m just gonna do it, have fun doing it and get it done.

Actually, I am now thinking of starting a workshop when I retire.” -Deborah Wainwright. East Sooke, BC. Canada


“Thank you. It was a great experience. I did not know what to expect. Good exercise while being in a car.” -Petra Hrougal, Victora, BC. Canada


“I really enjoyed the 1 hour program. It was educational, fun and relieved my stress. Laughing yoga is something I want to incorporate into my everyday life.” -anonymous

“This was my first laughing yoga session and I had such a good time. I learned so much and felt so relaxed. Matti was very approachable and made me feel very comfortable. It was great having him do the activities with us. It made me feel less shy and comfortable knowing that he was going to do it too. It felt great to be silly and I look forward to doing laughing yoga again. -Hayley Williams, Victoria, BC. Canada

“You are such a wonderfully skilled facilitator! Our staff no doubt will be reaping the benefits of your laughter yoga session all summer long! Your services are so valuable, we were so fortunate to have you! I would highly recommend you to other organizations and individuals!” – Lottie DeAngelis, Program Coordinator for Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan.


“Simultaneous joy and calm_letting for, tingling inside and out, goodness chirping out of me naturally.” Andra Nadeau Jakobson


“Thank you for Laughter Yoga here at Camp Shawnigan. It was a very eye opening experience. You’re calm, wisdom, honesty and trust were so appreciated. Laughter Yoga was a great team activity, including lots of people yet also challenging individualism. Laughter Yoga was a great experience. I recommend trying it.” – Stacy Hanna


“I really appreciated your engaging facilitation style. You expertly drew us all in to the wonderful and whimsical world of explosive laughter lying sleeping in all of us. Thank you, thank you!” –Melissa Ferguson.


“That was invigorating. My energy increased so much but I remained so peaceful into only what I can describe as ‘sleep” in the laydown section after the zero gravity exercise but when I woke up, I felt super relaxed. Thank you.” – Bernie


“I have absolutely no idea what laughter yoga could and would bring into me. It guided me deeper into the sunshine of my own heart! I feel clear, free (from my heart to literally every cell in my body) and open. There is peace emanating deep inside and, in the manner that James Brown sang best, ‘I feel good!’” – Molly Penrose


“Thank you. I have not felt this good and relaxed in weeks.” – Daniel Geselbracht


“This was my first time trying laughter yoga and it was such an amazing experience! I feel open, light and ready to embrace the world with open arms. Thanks for all the great instruction and an amazing time!” – Lisa White, Burlington, Ontario


“I felt dizzy after the laughter yoga session with Matt because I laughed way too hard way too fast. It was a fantastic cheek and jaw workout not to mention good for the soul. Thanks, Matti.” – Sunid Nahdi, Kelowna, BC


“An amazing experience! A great teacher and he gets you involved and laughing right away. A great first laughter yoga experience. J” – Stacie McEwan, Victoria, BC


“I really enjoyed Laughter Yoga and hope to do again someday soon. The leader was fun and energetic. Thank you.” – Daniel Macdonald, Quadra Island, BC


“A lot of times we are so concerned about how we look or how others perceive us but in laughter yoga you laugh off your inhibitions and relax. At first I was apprehensive but soon I was laughing away.” -Kaitlyn Lande. Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan.


“I found the best way for me to laugh hard was listen to other people genuinely laughing, and so a group of people laughing was the best place for me to laugh! Thank you.”

– Duncan Brown. Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan.


“I heard of Laugh Yoga before. I always say it was silly. But when I actually did it I found out it is really good for you. I didn’t really expect that if had that kind of reaction to me. It was awesome.” – Rey Hermoso. Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan.


“Laughter Yoga has affirmed by belief that laughter can heal; it is a comfort to the soul and can change your world if you choose to look at with different eyes and engage your innate sense of humour. It has inspired me to try laughing at my most trying moments.” Lindsay Korns. Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan.


“Laughter Yoga has inspired me to try and laugh more after daily situations that may normally make me feel frustrated. After the session I felt rejuvenated, light, content, balanced and at peace with myself. I hope to remember this experience and use what I learned to increase my general level of happiness. J – Katie Thompson. Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan.


“This experience made me feel so connected to my body and emotions as well as all the people around me. I felt energized, joyful, and positive at the end of the session. I would love to do this again! –Michelle Leach. Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan.


“After one session of Laughter Yoga I felt grounded, inspired and emotionally at ease. Everyone should take the time to laugh and there are few better ways to do so than with Laughter Yoga.” Dave Hall. Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan.


“Hahaha! Laughter Yoga is wild energy full of many emotions! I’ve never really experienced yoga to this degree of connectedness with my community. I felt very balanced and happy, my spirits were flying, my soul was at peace, and my belly hurt with happy pains. Thank you for sharing laughs, smiles.” –Navi Bhatti. Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan. P.S. I’m also interested in the leader training.


Matti is a great instructor – he helped to bring out the inner child in everyone. Our classes were fun & brought a wonderful sense of peace & relaxation. –Laura D.


Since I began Laughter Yoga, I am doing with my kids at work. We love it. Thanks to you. L.D.


Laughter Yoga proved to be much more than I anticipated. From the name of the class I assumed it was yoga focused, but was very pleasantly surprised at what it ended up offering. Laughter Yoga is now a lovely part of my emotional well being. I highly recommend this class to anyone in search of more joy, clarity and health in their lives. –Leah Ralph


Re: Matti Anttila – Laughter Yoga Instructor. I really enjoyed the Laughter Yoga class. Matti made sure all people present joined in (participated) in the energized session. Lots of great info was passed along. He has a friendly manner and really the course enjoyable. He is a great asset to the course. Thank you Matti – keep up the good work.  –Ellyn Boyd


“Laughter Yoga is an immeasurable avenue of emotional release.” – Elizabeth, Duncan, BC.


“It was a wonderful experience! I loved it!” – Barb Davis, Calgary, Alberta.



What Laughter Yoga Leaders said about Matti’s Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders training:

Matti lead the 2 day leader training with a knowledge base and a truly kind and compassionate approach. He created a relaxed environment which was conducive to the best possible learning outcomes.

His attentiveness to each individual increased the comfort for each of us. He facilitated a truly dynamic experience that exceeded my expectations.

I feel truly blessed to have been part of this,

In gratitude,                 Ellen Brown Ceertified Laughter Yoga Leader, Port Alberni, BC, Canada


I’ve never thought of myself as a person who laughs a lot. There was fear in me about how much I could let go. But the instant I was in the group, I felt light hearted. Matti’s presence and leadership challenged my preconceived ideas around my view of being too serious. It is within me and has given me new confidence in being able to live a more joyous, happier life.


Neil Cutler, Nanaimo, BC, Canada



Thanks to Matti for gently leading us through a joyous weekend learning to be laughter yoga leaders. He made it look easy while instilling in us the confidence to bring this gift to others. In gratitude, Elizabeth Bergen, Victoria, BC, Canada



Laughter Yoga

Relaxing, Exhilirating, Calming, energizing, learning, unlearning, giving, sharing.

What a journey.






A wonderful teacher

Wendy Kerr

Port Alberni, BC, Canada




Matti guided us through the weekend with the most wonderful balance between joy, professionalism & great wisdom. He shared many resources to allow us to continue our studies. He prepared us to be able to lead many Laughter Yoga sessions with great confidence, being sure that we share the history, purpose & fundamentals of Laughter Yoga. We all became very close & united like a family in such a short time. Thank you so much Matti. You are truly amazing. I recommend this training to all.

Big love and joy, Andrew Desrochers Nanaimo BC Canada


I was in search of some new ideas to re-energize and refresh the Laughter Yoga practice that I teach. It was a great experience to relearn facilitating Laughter Yoga ‘a la Matti’s flavour. It was a very rich weekend where I received much more than just the “how to” of leading laughter yoga. Matti is well read, with a myriad of knowledge from many fields in the health and wellness sector. With this background, he weaves his wisdom and charm into his teaching style. This weekend was so much fun and I return home with a treasure chest of new ideas and enthusiasm to try out!

Joanne McKechnie, Courtenay, BC, Canada




Hi Matti,

I think these pics are great!!  Thank you.
Thank you for coming to our home – and teaching me the Laughter Yoga class.  I loved it!  And you are a very good teacher.  And very kind hearted.
I have learned a lot.  And I am thinking about and pondering it all.  New things are coming to my mind every day.  It is a lot to absorb.  But not too much!
It was also nerve wracking for me, to ‘teach’ a class in front of my Instructor!!  But also good – and good that you didn’t help me.  What an experience!!!
I am better for it all.  And I hope to pass along the joy I’ve experienced through Laughter Yoga to others. What a fun class! A grateful student. Cheers
                             – Jo (Jo-Ann Hopkins, Victoria, BC, Canada. Owner of Mulberry Cottage. http://www.vrbo.com/429998 I stayed there for a couple of months in 2014. A delightful experience with hosts Jo-Ann and Peter Hopkins going above and beyond.)


I enjoyed Matti’s Laughter Yoga Training session very much. He made the material very interesting and of course fun! He is extremely knowledgable.

-Kathy Fournier, Victoria, BC, Canada


My leader workshop with Matti Anttila was a powerful experience. Not only do I feel confident in my ability to lead a laughter yoga session, but I have come away with many other tools with which to lead a more mindful life. Matti is incredibly experienced, thorough, and most of all generous with his knowledge and encouragement.
-Madeleine Barber, Victoria BC Canada


Words are meaningless to describe all of the joy and happiness I felt from being your student during this weekend. I never thought I would make laughter my most precious form of personal and professional income until I had the privilege to experience this Laughter Yoga training.

It will be an honor to use all of the knowledge gained during this training into my new career as a Laughter Yoga Leader!

Thanks again and bust a laugh.  -Eric Bourgault, Victoria, BC, Canada.


Matti embodies the spirit of Laughter Yoga and he conveys this in his teaching in such a way that the student effortlessly learns to connect with their own spirit of laughter.
-Gene Furbee CLYL, Victoria, BC, Canada


I have just completed the weekend of Laughter Yoga Leader course with Matti! It has been such a good experience, full of learning the benefits of LY, being silly, “letting go” and having FUN!

I recommend it for everyone! It will be practiced with pleasure daily! I feel filled with joy!                     -Marilyn Shane, Duncan, BC, Canada


I came into this workshop with the expectation that I would come away with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead a Laughter Yoga group. After all, that’s what I signed up for  BUT that’s NOT what I got. I got so much more than I signed up for. It far exceeded my expectations.

Matti’s passion, love and dedication to Laughter Yoga gave me a colourful and spirited experience. He lead us down some very exciting paths of discovery and I look forward to my new direction in life with Laughter Yoga; for myself and now, leading others. Thank you Matti – You’re a whole lot more than “Very Good, Very Good.”  -Phyllis O’Grady.


Matti’s Laughter Yoga training weekend was empowering and enlightening, very funny, and enabled me to have the ability to lead a session, and also this was an opportunity to relook at parts of my life & consider new ways or possible alterations I can make to a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Thank you Matti

– Margaret Danylchuk, Victoria, B.C. Canada


Matti is a storehouse of wonderful information about how to live a positive, healing, healthy, aware life. He is humble, friendly, kind & down-to-earth.

He teaches Laughter Yoga in a fun, inclusive way. And he has many other modalities & healing techniques to share.              -Linda Stedfield, Ladysmith, B.C. Canada

Thank you, Matti…Blessings…I’m so glad to have met you & definitely want to keep the connection growing (Linda)



Laughter is indeed gentle yet most powerful tool to approach every aspect of life! And, ultimately to the (World) peace.

As having taken this course, I realized how precious my being is. I feel my body is filled with positive & peaceful energy.

It’s the most sustainable and helpful way to take care of our well-being.                                                                             -Tomoko V. , Sooke, B.C. Canada



The Laughter Yoga Leader Training instilled confidence and peace that will serve me in all aspects of my life.

-Meaghan Moon, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, (Northwest Territories) Canada


Dear Matti:

You are a wonderful leader and teacher. You deliver the message of laughter Yoga with love and conviction using techniques that are easy to absorb and understand.

You have shared many of your personal experiences to enrich our experience and guided us to look for our own to share as we progress towards being Laughter Yoga Leaders.

Thank you for providing a space for us to show up as Leaders, or at the very least to experience the possibility of Laughter for no reason in our daily lives.

I loved the weekend.       -Janet S., Courtenay, B.C. Canada



Very good, Very good Yeah!

Great weekend, Excellent instructor, Very knowledgeable

I highly recommend Matti as an instructor of Laughter Yoga and Laughter Yoga     Teachers.                                                  -Trish Simpson, Victoria, B.C. Canada
Matti is an amazing instructor. Intuitive, caring and kind. Laughter is second nature to him, and he instills that into his students. Thank you. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha. WHOOP WHOOP!                                                                    -Tracey Harper, Sidney, BC, Canada



It (Laughter Yoga) is helping me create a new vocation!

Too numerous (specific skills or knowledge) to name – all excellent skills that can be applied to all aspects of my life. Simply smiling & taking a breath when stressed is great!

Currently have no clients. However, I have used it for my own benefit with great success, most especially in learning to lighten up & I have learned to laugh at my mistakes.

Matti is an excellent teacher. His positive approach, specific, clear instruction, gentle manner and wonderful sense of fun made this a terrific experience & learning opportunity for me. His enthusiasm, caring for others & commitment to wellness & joy or all is exceptional. Thank you Matti for sharing so much!

–Patricia Henderson, Courtenay, BC, Canada



(Specific skills or knowledge gained at Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training):…A lot of good info. Thank you J. Finally the tool where body mind soul will enjoy as one.

Natural Teaching! Love it! Thank you Matti for your “enlightening teaching” & experiences. Long time my Inner Child looked (for) a funny way it could express itself. Finally, WE GET IT.

Breathing/Laughing with inner and outer smile! Keep going – Keep smiling –Keep laughing.

Thank you, Namaste I am grateful!!!!!!

Joy, Love & Light.     -Mona McBrearty, Cumberland, BC, Canada



Matti Anttila is a professional leader who does a great & effective job…his interaction with the people in his groups.

Everyone leaves his session feeling an enthusiastic hi. His explanations are very clear and helpful.

He is supportive & uses humour and knowledge very effectively.

ou couldn’t find a better man to lead your group if you want the best results & lasting improvement.                                                     -Garth McLeod, Nanaimo, BC, Canada


“Matti Anttila has a way with people that really impressed and delighted me. He brings a warmth, openness and lightheartedness that left me feeling sage, relaxed, supported and encouraged every step of the way. I am excited and confident that I am ready to lead laughter yoga classes.

I had a blast and would absolutely highly recommend Matti Anttila’s classes and courses to anyone who wants to learn priceless tools for living a healthier more fulfilling life – and laugh up a storm in the process. Thank you, Matti.”

-Joel Fox, Courtenay, BC, Canada


“Thanks so for a great weekend of laughing, learning, laughing, learning for 2 days! What fun. I love the happiness that follows laughter. Thank you for being my teacher. Much gratitude and appreciation.”- Christine Glenn, Victoria, BC, Canada


“Awesome, fun, energetic. All the happy things that go with laughter.”

– Gina Davis. Victoria, BC.


“Great energy. Useful repetition. Small group helpful. A truly unique and enriching experience.”                                                              -Jeremy Bally, Victoria, BC.


“Made me feel +++ alive. Team building. Creates ++ inner power. Rejuvenating +++.”

-Taryn Andersen, Victoria, BC.


“I have been inspired by Matti to start a laugh Yoga club and continue spreading laughter & love through the world. Love, Tickles.”

-Jennifer Burke, aka “Tickles, the Clown.” Victoria, BC, Canada.



“This was a great & magnificent weekend. I’m sad the weekend went by so quickly.


Matti has inspired me to start my own laughter club so I may spread laughter and the joy of being.


Matti has strong leadership skills and knows how to lead sessions in a productive & organized fashion. He is knowledgable in the material and is a great instructor.

Thank you so much, Matti! …

Thank you again for an enjoyable and fun weekend. I learned so much from you and really enjoyed your passion and method of delivering the teachings to our group… I also want to thank you for helping me feel comfortable and teaching me a new way of learning by using ‘motion.’

That was very powerful to me this weekend. By moving around, I felt super connected to my body and was able to present from the heart. What a great experience!

Thanks again for an unforgettable weekend! Laughingly yours,

Natalia”                                                           – Natalia Burns, Victoria, BC, Canada




“AMAZING! Thank you thank you thank you Matti for your warmth, openness and for sharing your wealth of knowledge! It’s been a pleasure!”

– Kathleen Potter, Victoria, BC, Canada.