Laughter Yoga Prevented a Car Accident.

I am heading into the intersection at normal speed. All of a sudden the car that was waiting in the left turn lane opposite pulls out, cuts right in front of me.

I slam on the brakes. Smoke comes from my tires as my car slides toward the left side of the car turning in front of me.

I come to a full stop, missing the car by mere inches.

In my pre Laughter Yoga days, I would have been steaming, angry, raging and perhaps even letting loose some blue language.

Earlier, I had done what I normally do. I laughed for the first 10-15 minutes as I started my holiday shopping drive.

I believe that created a sense of calm and ease that allowed my to be a touch quicker getting my foot to the brake.

What happened next is the real difference.

After 9 years of regular Laughter Yoga, usually every day, my reaction was different.

I laughed out loud.

You can imagine the adrenalin and cortisol were free flowing…the stress hormones.

I kept laughing for about 5 minutes. I was grateful there was no accident.

This was truly letting go. I kept laughing until there was no trace of any emotion around the incident. It took about 5 minutes.

I paused a few times. Each time, some emotions arose, I restarted laughing.

About 5 minutes was all it took to clear away all traces of emotional reaction to it.

I felt blessed and looked after.

I have never doubted the many benefits of Laughter Yoga.

Another great example of it occurred in this incident.

This inspires me to keep going and to keep spreading the joy and other benefits of Laughter Yoga.

To Your Joy, Energy and Health,

Matti Anttila

Laughter Dude, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

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