The Laughter Dudes Newsletter November 1, 2017

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That’s us, Soren Russow and Matti Anttila, at the Heart and Hands Conference at the Saanich Fairgrounds on October 26th.

You and the others in the group really are what made the event so special.

It was a true honour and privilege to be invited and to facilitate some laughter with you and the other 150 or so.

Thank you for helping to create fun, laughter and delight that day. “Without an audience, there just ain’t no show.” –Vancouver Rock Group Chilliwack.


Laughter Yoga Clubs on Vancouver Island

We recommend weekly Laughter Clubs. Here is where you find clubs in Greater Victoria. This listing also shows links to Port Alberni and Courtenay Laughter Yoga clubs.

Laughter Schedule of the Victoria Laughter Yoga Club


We Need 10 – 15 Minute of SUSTAINED Laughter

That is what it takes to access that wonderful feeling of joy and freedom we all experienced at the conference. You can get that here;


Laughter Dude Laughter Video

This is where you find a video of a crazy Laughter Dude (Matti). You can laugh with him every day.


Laughter Dudes Question and Answer Forum

Send us your questions or comments and we will move heaven and earth to respond…


Laughter Dudes Online

The Laughter Dudes (us) have a weekly 15-minute Laughter Session Thursday nights at 7pm. Still working on figuring out how high tech stuff works…Best answer at the moment: I will email you about half an hour before the start with the link you need to click to get in on the laughter. Email me if you have a challenge: and we can see what to do to get connected.


Videos to Nurture Your Joy

7 free videos to boost your productivity, joy and fun. Access them here:


Help Spread Laughter

Let us, the Laughter Dudes, know when you find a group who could use laughter to boost their joy levels, their happiness and their productivity. If we can’t make it, we can connect them with a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader in Metro Vancouver.


Interested in Becoming a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader?

Laughter Dude Matti is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and holds trainings for Leaders. Let me know if interested:


Stay in Touch

We want to help. We have a little bit of an idea of how challenging your career can be. We noted the CBC report that you are in the profession with the most workplace injuries. If there is something we are able to help with, we will.

It was such a delight to laugh with you and the group. We really do want to provide ongoing support.

If you have ideas on how we may do that, please feel free to contact us:


Love, Leaps and Laughter,




Matti Anttila, and

Soren Russow,

The Laughter Dudes.

P.S. See your (and others’) feedback and Check our website too:

P.P.S. If we made a mistake from your feedback form, please let us know so we can correct.

Also, ((and even wurst)) if we made a mistake in the spelling of your name, beat us with a wet noodle…but do send a correction.


Cue: Oh No! I Made a Mistake Laughter!! Ha ha.

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